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NFL Sunday Ticket

The NFL Sunday Ticket app relaunched in the summer of 2013 with an updated UI and newly added features. Users can stream NFL games live, watch instant highlights, integrate fantasy football leagues, check stats, and comment on social networks. 


My Role

• Competitive research and user behavior analysis

• Bicoastal collaboration with designers in Los Angeles

• Game Chips, Web App, and Iconography


Game Chip

The game chips are interactive and informative buttons, which enable the user to watch a game while keeping track of vital stats.  The yellow arrow indicates which team possess the ball, while the drive tracker shows field position, changing color when a team is within the red zone. 


The Web App

Added features and implemented the tablet app for a web browser viewing experience by adding a highlights menu, scrollbars, and placing the game chips at the top with ad space. 


Mobile Navigation Icons

The mobile app needed a family of icons which communicate each section clearly while having a sense of character. Equipment and tactical elements from the game of football were used, combined with symbols that illustrate movement or action. "Fantasy" was the most challenging since it's an abstract concept.